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I am breaking down to pieces....Please help?

Friends i m in a very strange situation..... I am 22, male and live somewhere in Asia. I run a good business with my father and have some friends. I have a very strong heart but something STUPID happened which changed everything. One night as i was changing channels, i came across an anime named welcome to the nhk. It seemed interesting so i kept watching it everyday.......... But when it reached the last three episodes , a mountain fell on me..... let me tell you i have watched and read many sad and depressing stories but there is something in that story which is making me very sad and depressed. its very unlike me......... Misakee character especially , her situation and history has left a very sad burden on my heart....... i dont know what to do........ DAMIT WHY I M DEPRESSED BY THESE FICTIONAL, NON EXISTING, WORTHLESS PEOPLE.... It has been four days now, i am distracted at work and metal condition is awful. This had never happened before. So please i ask any friend who been through it to help me.... Thank you .......|||There is nothing wrong with you for feeling that way. You obviously seem like a empathetic person like me. I went through the same thing when michael jackson died i felt so bad for his family and children it made me depressed for awhile and i thought something was wrong with me. I promise you will get through it and you wont feel this way for forever. Maybe it relates to something that once happened in your life? or reminds you of something in your past? you will eventually stop thinking about it. It will just take patience and time. It doesnt matter if it isnt real it still has a big empact on you somehow...|||yourwelcome :)

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Much needed advice on adult with disfunctional family?

It would take an several pages to explain how my family is and the disfunction that has existed since day one. I will try and as briefly as possible explain the situation. This is just one in many issues, however this time I sincerley need advice due to that this is getting to much for me to be involved in at all, do I need to cut all ties?

Here is the situation:

disfunctional family/no physical abuse growing up, basically mental abuse, and exposed to adult situations that I should of never been part of.

Childhood isses as to where my own mother let a family member torment my in a excessivly abusive verbal manner. She never put a stop to it in fact made excuses for my brother who absolutley made my life pretty much misreable for years. She ALLOWED this to happen to me growing up. (I do not mean normal kid teasing it was way beyond that about health issues I had, life threatening issus)

This same brother is now living with my mother, after my father died he moved in her home. He does not work. He has a drug habit that my mother gives him money for, she buys all his nessicities. He has never held a steady job.

This brother of mine is into some very wierd things in my opinion and opinion of every family member that I have. My mother defends and condones and contributes to his behavior.. this is a 36 year old man.

The issue at this point is that he has done somthing so morally wrong that I am even too embarresed to write about it, basically he has befriended a murderer that killed a little girl years back. He corresponds though mail with this person.

My issue is that I am apalled by this. I am appalled that my own mother would defend him and tell me that it is just letters, and that the convicted fellon of murder is not a bad person, was just mixxed up. I do not see it that way.. the person took a little girls life.. how can my mother as a mother and grandmother herself accept that he is carring on with these type of people.

I think it is so totally wrong for a mother ( my mother ) to condone this, she knows how totally upset our entire family was when this murder occured years back.

How can I allow myself to be a part of her life when she is enabeling, contributing to and allowing his sick behavior under her own roof. I do not know with a clear consious if I can go against my beliefs and associate with a mother who sees nothing wrong with his behavior. (also this person, my brother has made threats to her, to me, my sister, my kids)

My moms only excuse is %26quot; she doesnt know how to make him move out of her home... ( that seems pretty easy to me... what about packing his clothes and putting them outside and changing the locks)

never the less she has willed all her money and home to him after her death....

Do you agree that I should just cut ties with her due to I can not with a clear consious associate with someone who condones his behavior?

In addition my mother is the number one trouble maker in family, she talks really bad about me to others and talks horrible about other family to me.. she is continually keeping each family member mad at each other.. she in fact says horrible things about even the kids in the family. This woman (my mother ) is a gossip to each and everyone she knows. I love my mother but I can not put myself and my children in this damaging behavior anymore.

Please give me some good solid advice, this is effecting my panic attacks that I have had for years due to childhood trauma from my family.

Am I wrong for just cutting all ties? Please help.|||CUT THE TIES WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!!! Your mother is never going to stop enabling her son. She is mentally unstable, and so is your brother. Trust me, you are better off without poisonous people like that.

You should also consider therapy for the years of abuse you went through. I think it would really help you.|||you should of cut ties years ago.|||I don%26#039;t believe you%26#039;re wrong for cutting the ties here, I most definitely would.|||If one of my siblings was doing that, I would call the police, my sister is special-ed, so she wouldn%26#039;t do that. But call the police, I wouldn%26#039;t care if anyone got mad at me, I would also talk to my mother upfront and tell her how I felt about this situation.

Dealing with babymama drama?

Ive been with this guy for six years off and on due to babymama drama and i really love him but the drama has gotten worse and worse every year with her calling my phone and harassing me and leaving evil messages, i have to keep changing my number and that%26#039;s embarassing. When he is around her he ignores my phone calls like i dont exist saying it is disrespectful to answer the phone around her. Ive done a lot for this guy and been their for him when he was down and dont feel he is treating me like i deserve. It makes me feel like i dont mean nothing to him everytime he gets around her to help her out in situations. And he just wont really come out and tell her look i luv my girl and i dont want you disrespecting her because i help you out when you dont have anyone and im their for my child whenever you call.|||leave him|||Get the book...........%26quot;Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up their Lives%26quot;

Read it.

Own it.

Embrace it.

Keep your legs closed and don%26#039;t have his kid whatever you do.|||The Days of our Ghetto. You bees disrespe-in me, I bees dis respe-in you- I bet if you ask these people what respect means, they wouldn%26#039;t have a clue. And it%26#039;s baby%26#039;S mama, not be bein%26#039; da baby mama.|||Leave him. He%26#039;s disrespecting you also. If you%26#039;re supposed to be his significant other than he seems to be showing through his actions with his baby mama that you%26#039;re not at all significant.

Somtimes you just have know when to let an investment gone bad go.|||Move on. If this has been going on for 6 years, I doubt if it%26#039;s going to get any better. Start getting out there and meeting new people. You%26#039;ll find there are guys who care enough to show you the respect you deserve and not allow otheres to disrespect you.

I know it%26#039;s hard when you love someone, but your life will be so much better without all of the added stress.|||dump this guy and fast!!!! it%26#039;s not babymama drama you%26#039;re dealing;s uncaring, selfish boyfriend drama!!! you can do better!!|||You feel like he is not there for you and does not care because HE DOES NOT CARE!!!!! Move deserve more then someone elses sloppy seconds. He is never going to change because he does not want to...he has two ladies pining for his attention, why would he want to?|||It could be he just wants to spend time with his children. Her behavior sounds childish and uncalled for, she may need prozac. If he was treating you right he would explain to drama queen over there that you are here to stay and she needs to come to terms with it and grow up and instead of wasting her time being a drama queen be a good mother. My advice to you is to dump him and let him run back to the other unhealthy relationship. He seems to have commitment issues, if he likes the drama let him live in it himself and not involve you. You deserve better, drop the zero find yourself a hero. Do not be any mans doormat.|||well the best thing is to live him.thats what i say becuase if he can%26#039;t relize how special you are and all the things you have done for him then he does%26#039;nt deserve to have addition if he can%26#039;t even tell his other women to stop disrepecting you then thats a another sign that you should leave him. also the biggest HINT would be to leave him if he%26#039;s with some other women helping her @S$ out but he acts mad funny towards you. or you do have the right and authority to beat dat ho @$s.(im sorry that street state of mind got back into me).i just reread the ending and thats really sad if he cant be their for his child.if he cant be their for his child then sh!t i would try to get some child support. i feel likes its every mans duty to take care of his child.|||Hmmm, sounds like this lady knows how to get what she wants. Wonder if it is this lady%26#039;s delusion or if she has had help. Since you said your relationship has been on and off, has he or she given you any inkling that they have gotten back together in those timespans? I just wonder why he is willing to go out on a limb for her, but not for you.

I would not take my son%26#039;s father back if they paid me. I was overly nice and the type that just wanted everyone to be happy, but at some point you have to start saying no. Well this lady seems to have figured out that he will come running no matter what and she plays on that. I am just curious as to why after six years your boyfriend is %26quot;getting played%26quot;. I know you are invested in this relationship, but are you up for the long haul? As they say things are gonna get worse before they get better.

I'm thinking of leaving my boyfriend of just over 6 years.?

I met him when I was 23 and he was 30 and just going through a very bad divorce. We have been living together for 5 of the 6 years and at first I got along well with his 2 children. Now his daughter and I do not get along at all, whatsoever, and I cannot see this changing anytime soon. This has been my only relationship. Before this I had never had a boyfriend and have always thought low of myself. I have been just co-existing in this house but my boyfriend and I have drifted apart and I can honestly say I%26#039;m content with the situation but not happy. I recently met a guy at work who I really enjoy spending time with, who is single and closer to my age, and who has shown some interest in me and who I really enjoy talking to and being with. This has opened my eyes to how I really feel being in my current relationship. I%26#039;m not sure if I should try to stick it out and make it better or if I should just leave and try to move on.|||You should move on with your life. Sometimes people come into your life for seasons. They are there to teach a lesson and move on. Although the co-worker may or may not be the one for you, he has shown you that your current situation just isn%26#039;t going to make you happy. You are a young woman and I%26#039;m sure you want to be happily married some day. Your boyfriend may not want to go down that road again after a nasty divorce. Life is too short and everybody deserves true happiness.|||Then leave!|||just go for the one with whom u feel happy and the one u can trust|||I think you should move on the older the daughter get the more you wont get along also the longer you stay the more unhappy you will get.|||If you dont feel happy in the relationship and you and your boyfriend are not as close, then leave.|||I say go for the new guy, because if your boyfriend respected you enough he would not let his children disrespect you and I think youve gave him too much of your time.. 6 years of babysitting a disrespectul kid, oh no...

Go out with this new guy and have the time of your life :)

Good Luck|||I f your not happy get out! You deserve the best for yourself and this guy seems to not care at all. You shouldn%26#039;t have to ce %26quot;content%26quot; and %26quot;settle%26quot;. Plus he was your first and onl;y relationship. Theres more fish in the sea, you%26#039;ll see. Go out w/ the work guy and see what happens i%26#039;m not saying cheat on your bf but go out once otr twice and see how u feel. Best of luck to you!|||i would leave, no reason to stick things out, you dont have kids together, its your life all by yourself and you dont have to sacrifice for him just because you have time invested|||I went thru a similar situation myself(me 22, he 30), except his kids spent very little time with us, so they weren%26#039;t a factor. I felt that he didn%26#039;t want to move beyond living together (he had been there, done that), so the relationship went stagnant. He clung on to me, because of fear of repeated relationship failure (I see that now) I felt smothered and soon I became distracted by other men. You definitely should leave, but don%26#039;t make the same mistake that I made by not being honest. Don%26#039;t use a new interest as an excuse, you need to grow as an adult, you were young entering the relationship, and need time to get to know yourself. It is a bullshit line, but has some truth to it. You need to ask yourself - why was a 30 year old interested in me, a kid? Because he felt that he failed with someone his own age, and saw you as naiive, someone who wouldn%26#039;t see his flaws, someone who would look up to him. make sense?

I wish you good luck, and the courage to do this for yourself. If all else fails, twist things so he will break up with you!!! ie: leave a guys phone # in your pocket, stay out late without an explanation, become more distant.

Piaget"s theories please help i kinda stuck on these !: I will pic best answer 4 first answer i see :) thnk?

1. Piaget鈥檚 theory is based upon the idea that children gradually acquire the ability to understand the world around them through active _____________ with it. (1 point)





2. In the concrete operation stage, children ___________. (1 point)

focus on language development

focus on motor and reflex actions

begin to reason logically and hypothetically

begin to process abstract concepts such as numbers

3. In this stage of Piaget鈥檚 model, the main focus of intellectual development is language and using symbols. (1 point)

Stage one

Stage two

Stage three

Stage four

4. In this stage of Piaget鈥檚 model, children learn to reason hypothetically and deductively. (1 point)

The sensorimotor stage

The preoperational stage

The concrete operation stage

The formal operation stage

5. After an accident, a man is left comatose and partially paralyzed. When he awakens he finds that he has lost the use of his legs and is unfamiliar with almost everything and everyone around him. After some time has passed, he regains sensation in his legs and must learn how to walk all over again. He also begins to become familiar with his friends and family, and looks forward to seeing them. Which of Piaget鈥檚 stages best describes this man鈥檚 situation? (1 point)

The sensorimotor stage

The preoperational stage

The concrete operation stage

The formal operation stage

Choose the definition or description that best matches the term.

6. schema

(1 point)

concept or framework that organizes and interprets information

a child鈥檚 inability to view a situation from any other perspective beside their own

The process of trying to fit new objects into an existing framework

when a child fits a concrete object into a framework that already exists for a familiar object

7. _____________________ is the process of trying to fit new objects into an existing schema. (1 point)



Symbolic play

Preoperational egocentrism

8. _____________________ is the process of changing schema to fit the characteristics of a new object. (1 point)



Symbolic play

Preoperational egocentrism

9. A child%26#039;s inability to view a situation from any other perspective beside their own is known as _____________________________. (1 point)


symbolic play

preoperational egocentrism


10. _________________________ occurs when a child fits a concrete object into an existing schema. (1 point)



Symbolic play

Preoccupational egocentrism|||Oh you are shooting yourself in the foot trying to get someone to do your homework for you here. You are going to see this guy over and over again and if you don%26#039;t get a basic grip of what his theories were you are going to be lost down the road. That and it is not that hard to find or comprehend either on the net or in your textbook. You need to drill down on these yourself and you will thank yourself later.|||Dont be a smartass retard. i was in a rush i ad been uot of town and had to get this quiz done ast

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|||1. engagement 2.focus on motor and reflex 3. stage three 4.formal operation stage 5. the concrete operation stage 6. the second one 7. assimilaion 8.symbolic play 9.preoperational egocentrism 10. acommodation
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  • Vocabulary test: Liberalism vs Conservatism?

    I am always looking to promote understanding among everyone so to that end I will post the DICTIONARY definitions of Liberalism and Conservatism as they relate to politics. Then I will post several hypothetical situations and ask that you guys look at each and decide what the %26quot;liberal%26quot; thing to do would be, and what the %26quot;conservative%26quot; thing to do would be based on those dictionary definitions only. Please don%26#039;t use your personal opinion as to what they mean. I got the definitions from


    Liberalism: a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties.

    Conservatism(2 definitions): The inclination, especially in politics, to maintain the existing or traditional order.

    A political philosophy or attitude emphasizing respect for traditional institutions, distrust of government activism, and opposition to sudden change in the established order.


    Now take a look at these situations and please give me what you think the liberal thing to do would be, vs what you think the conservative action would be.

    1. Your country is a colony of another country and it taxes you without allowing you to have representatives within its government. The choice comes up whether to attempt to secede from that country through revolution, or stay under the country%26#039;s governance as it is. What would either side do?

    2. You are a legislator and a bill is proposed that would create an agency to explore a brand new path of scientific research and technology that has never been done before in the history of mankind, and there%26#039;s no guarantee that it will be successful... but if it is successful your nation will gain huge amounts of prestige and it has the chance to usher in a new age in technological breakthrough. What is each side%26#039;s vote according to the definitions posted?

    3. (last one I promise.) You operate a plant that manufactures a luxury consumer good and have the chance to be the first plant owner to adopt a radical brand new method of manufacturing that would drastically reduce costs to the point where your goods are now affordable to most people in the country at the expense of forgoing the traditional manufacturing process. Which action would each side take?

    Thanks all and have fun with the questions :). Bonus points if anyone guesses what real life scenarios I was referring to with these hypotheticals.|||Your text book definitions are not modern day conservatives and liberals, also liberals should be changed to progressives. Having said that,,just going by the text book questions......

    1. Liberals would secede while conservatives would fear change. Conservatives would look at ALL the possible outcomes of seceding and weigh their options. They would be afraid of making things worse by letting people they don%26#039;t know start their new country verses people they already know are bad, lesser of two evils. Meanwhile the liberals would blindly jump for change and not give a moments notice to the possible bad outcomes. Anyone who spoke out against their idea would be blasted as uneducated for not believing in THEIR blind ideas.

    2.Liberals would be all for it, going by text book definition, even though funding for this agency could bankrupt us with absolutely nothing to show for it in the end. Conservatives would again, weigh out the pros and cons of it and be leary of spending more money on possible wasteful things.

    3. Same on the last one.

    Dude, the last two were hard, just going by definition, conservatives don%26#039;t want anything and don%26#039;t want anything to change but that is not true in modern day conservatism. Nothing for the liberalism definition is what a modern day liberal believes.|||You can%26#039;t simply describe Liberalism or Conservatism by just the dictionary definition. There%26#039;s much more weight to it than that.|||Libs would support all three. The American Revolution, NASA, Henry Ford ?|||Neither really applies to #3 because it is purely a business decision for the managers of the business to weigh the options and decide on. Political leanings shouldn%26#039;t play a role.

    The irony in all of this is how you are obviously trying to focus on Liberalism as promoting advancement and yet in #3 you would find Unions strongly against the proposed changes. Yet Liberal groups tend to strongly support Unions and Unions consistently vote that side of the fence.

    Also ironic is that it is Liberal groups that are so strongly in support of more and more government programs. Yet the reality is that the more dependent you become on some group other than yourself, the more individual freedom you lose.

    That%26#039;s exactly what%26#039;s going on right now. The voice of Liberals today do not actually represent true Liberalism. Conservatives are a bit trickier. There are some that don%26#039;t represent real Conservatism,, but I think most do want to maintain the status quo but that%26#039;s not quite that simple. The status quo is intended to be the original design of the US with strong focus on individual freedom and an economic system in which it%26#039;s the individuals and businesses who decide how to run themselves. So while they do practice the conservative ideal of maintaining tradition, that tradition IS to allow freedom and limited government involvement.

    What%26#039;s really interesting is how only something like 15% of the US population considers themselves Liberal. A much higher percentage consider themselves Conservative, but an even higher percentage consider themselves Moderate. So how did we end up with a president and Congress that is extremely Liberal leaning?

    What should we do? It's dangerous.?


    Is this interview a hoax as the %26quot;powers-that-be%26quot; want us to believe?

    When you read it, you will see why it has been suppressed, especially

    to citizens in the United States...

    Yes, it is a hoax, to the extent the masses continue to believe in

    the reality of Al Queda, rather than its creators-worldwide

    intelligence agencies funding the whole show, and in the case of the

    Mossad, its actual participation at strategic intervals.

    December 1, 2002 -

    The following interview was conducted by a reporter for the Al-

    Jazeera network with the third-in-command of the Al Queda

    organization, Mr. Mohammed Al-Asuquf. Al-Asuquf%26#039;s background is

    impressive; a doctorate in physics and masters in international

    economics. In the interview, he talks of Al Queda%26#039;s plans with total

    detachment, with deep knowledge and an unshakeable commitment to his


    This interview was sent to Abel-Bari Atwan, chief editor of Al Quds,

    an Arabic-language newspaper published in London, but was never

    printed, due to its highly revealing [inflammatory?] contents. A copy

    of the interview came to Foz-do-Igua莽u, and was translated into

    Portuguese by a university professor in the city%26#039;s Arab community.

    This is probably the only existing version of this interview not in


    Al-Jazeera: What is the objective of the Al Queda network?

    Al-Asuquf: To destroy the Great Satan, that is, the United States and


    Incorrect, the Great Satan is the reptilian/Illuminati cabal

    manipulating the world%26#039;s power positions.

    Al-Jazeera: Why?

    Al-Asuquf: The USA over the past 60 years has been impregnating

    [infecting] the world with its arrogance, greed and malfeasance. It

    is the incarnation of all that is evil. The people of this planet

    don%26#039;t deserve this torture.

    There is no USA per se; the satanically controlled leadership marches

    to the drumbeat of the long planned agenda for singular global

    control, currently in its final stages. The destruction of the US,

    via the Trojan horse of terrorism, is the created problem, while also

    serving as a final catalyst for global governance.

    Al-Jazeera: Isn%26#039;t this view somewhat one-sided?

    Of course it is, how else could conflict be elevated unless both

    sides created reasons to do so.

    Al-Asuquf: No; one only has to observe recent events. The disrespect

    of the Kyoto treaty; the case of the Permanent Court of International

    Justice, their inaction with regards to our Palestinian brothers; the

    financial greed and absurd speculations in Third World countries; the

    complete indifference to other oppressed people and countless other

    situations which all of the world%26#039;s leaders well know. And on top of

    all that, the Bush doctrine of %26quot;shoot first and ask questions later.%26quot;

    This is an unacceptable abuse and will therefore have very grave


    Who can argue with those statements?

    Al-Jazeera: But the isn%26#039;t the development and influence of America

    the fruit of its own competence?

    Al-Asuquf: Competence in extortion, competence in subjugation,

    competence in lying. After the Second World War, the USA was the only

    industrialized country with its manufacturing infrastructure intact.

    Loaning money like a good loan shark, it ended up becoming a very

    rich and powerful country; however, its greed remained undiminished.

    Today, Americans live like maharajas [?], wasting more than any other

    people, spending more than $80 billion per year just on gambling.

    They%26#039;ve lost any notion of spirituality and live in constant sin.

    With each passing day the USA demonstrates that it doesn%26#039;t know how

    to live with other peoples; for this, it deserves destruction.

    Yes, this is true, but the U.S. change of character is simply the

    movie being played out, regardless of whether Al-Asuquf is a willing

    pawn or not.

    Al-Jazeera: Wouldn%26#039;t it be easier to simply assassinate President

    George Bush?

    Al-Asuquf: In the first place, it would do no good, other than

    turning him into a martyr. When you face a powerful enemy, the best

    strategy is not to kill him, but to make him lose his leadership due

    to his incompetence, and let him live to watch this unfold.

    He removal is immaterial.

    Al-Jazeera: Does the Al Queda network have the military capacity to

    make war on the United States?

    Al-Asuquf: If we analyze history, we will see that all great wars,

    before they were started, were based on previously established

    concepts [of war]. But if we observe well, we will see that these

    concepts and strategies came to nothing, since a new type of war was

    ultimately waged. An example is the construction of the Maginot line

    by the French before the First World War, which, in reality proved to

    be completely useless against the invading forces. Aircraft carriers,

    nuclear submarines, and spy satellites will be useless in the next


    Al-Jazeera: American authorities hold more than 1,000 people

    suspected of terrorism since September 11th. Won%26#039;t this compromise Al

    Queda%26#039;s plans?

    Al-Asuquf: Of those imprisoned, perhaps 20 to 30 percent belong to Al

    Queda. Moreover, they are from the second echelon. We have more than

    500 members of the first echelon and 800 from the second, inside the

    United States.

    Al-Jazeera: What do you mean by first and second echelons?

    Al-Asuquf: In the first echelon are Al Queda members who have been in

    the United States for more than 10 years, many married with children.

    They have detailed knowledge of our plans and are just waiting for a

    phone call. They are also known as %26quot;sleepers.%26quot; Those of the second

    echelon have arrived in the last five years and have no idea of our


    Al-Jazeera: Are even those who are married, with children, ready to

    die with their families?

    Al-Asuquf: Yes. All of them are ready to die. Long live September


    Yes, it was the kickoff to the big party.

    Al-Jazeera: What was September 11th to Al Queda%26#039;s overall plans?

    Al-Asuquf: As a general step, it was just the beginning. It was a way

    of calling the world%26#039;s attention to what is still to come.

    Al-Jazeera: How many members does Al Queda have?

    Al-Asuquf: In the first echelon, about 5,000; in the second, about

    20,000, all over the world.

    Al-Jazeera: In the detention camp at Guantanamo, are there any

    members of the first echelon?

    Al-Asuquf: No, in fact, many of those there are not even Al Queda


    Al-Jazeera: How does Al Queda intend to destroy the most powerful

    nation in history?

    Al-Asuquf: It%26#039;s a question of logistics. Using its own poison, that

    is, attacking the heart of what they consider the most important

    thing in the world: money.

    Al-Jazeera: How so?

    Al-Asuquf: The American economy is an economy of false appearances.

    There is no real economic ballast to the American economy. The

    American GDP of is something around $10 trillion, of which just 1

    percent represents agriculture, and just 24 percent represents

    industry. Therefore, 75 percent of the American GDP is service and

    most of this is financial speculation. For those who understand

    economics, and it appears that the American Secretary of the

    Treasury, Paul O%26#039;Neil, doesn%26#039;t or doesn%26#039;t see it, it%26#039;s enough to say

    that the USA acts like a huge %26quot;dot-com,%26quot; and dollars, strictly

    speaking, are its shares.

    Al-Jazeera: Can you explain that?

    Al-Asuquf: The value of a company%26#039;s shares is directly proportional

    to the profitability of the enterprise. When a business is just a

    service provider and doesn%26#039;t produce any durable goods, the value of

    its shares depends on its credibility. Which is to say that if the

    credibility of the USA were shaken, its shares (the dollar) would

    fall with incredible rapidity and the entire American economy would

    begin to collapse.

    Al-Jazeera: How can you be so sure of this?

    Al-Asuquf: On a smaller scale, it%26#039;s exactly what large financial

    groups do to the countries of the third world to reap profits in one

    month that Swiss banks couldn%26#039;t get in four or five years.

    Al-Jazeera: So how will Al Queda shock the American economy to this


    Al-Asuquf: By provoking a deficit of between $50 and $70 trillion

    dollars, the equivalent of the United States%26#039; GDP for five to seven


    Al-Jazeera: How will this be done?

    Al-Asuquf: With the destruction of the seven largest American cities,

    along with other measures.

    Al-Jazeera: By what means will this be done?

    Al-Asuquf: Using atomic bombs.

    Nothing new here. Sollog has warned for three years now to leave all

    western cities due to the danger of nuclear attacks, which he says,

    will destroy major cities and with it the global power of the U.S.

    as well.

    Al-Jazeera: With all of the security in the USA, how, hypothetically,

    will these bombs be smuggled onto American soil?

    Al-Asuquf: They won%26#039;t be smuggled in, they%26#039;re already there.

    Al-Jazeera: What are you saying?

    Al-Asuquf: There are already seven nuclear devices on American soil

    which were put in place before September 11th and are ready to be


    Al-Jazeera: How did they get in to the USA?

    Al-Asuquf: Before September 11, American security was a fiasco, and

    even after, were it necessary, we could manage to smuggle bombs into

    the United States. They entered through seaports, as normal cargo.

    Previously reported during the past few years.

    Al-Jazeera: How is that possible?

    Al-Asuquf: A nuclear device is no bigger than a refrigerator;

    therefore, it can be easily camouflaged as one. Millions of cargo

    containers arrive in seaports each day, and no matter how efficient

    security is, it%26#039;s impossible to check, search through and examine

    each container.

    Al-Jazeera: Where did these atomic bombs come from?

    Al-Asuquf: They were purchased on the black market.

    Al-Jazeera: From whom?

    Al-Asuquf: We bought five from the defunct Soviet Union and two more

    from Pakistan.

    Previously reported as well.

    Al-Jazeera: How is it possible to buy an atomic bomb? Isn%26#039;t there


    Al-Asuquf: Before 1989 it was practically impossible, however after

    the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Russian army began a process of self

    destruction, and some high generals began to lose their privileges,

    and therefore, highly susceptible to corruption. Even General Lebeb,

    now deceased, and Hans Blix, the head of the arms inspection

    commission of the United Nations, have stated this, notwithstanding

    denials by Russian Defense Minister Seguey Ivanov.

    Al-Jazeera: How much does a nuclear bomb cost?

    Al-Asuquf: Somewhere around $200 million.

    Al-Jazeera: How did Al Queda get this money?

    Al-Asuquf: We have numerous sponsors.

    Yes, quite accurate. All Illuminati front organizations.

    Al-Jazeera: Who are they?

    Al-Asuquf: There are a number of countries, which support us, and

    also numerous wealthy individuals.

    Al-Jazeera: Are all of these countries Arab?

    Al-Asuquf: No, there are some European countries as well which have

    an interest in the fall of the USA.

    Al-Jazeera: Who are these wealthy individuals?

    Al-Asuquf: People who are also tired of watching the USA suck the

    wealth out of the rest of the world.

    Not exactly. First of all they are not exactly people, secondly,

    they intend to take it all for themselves.

    Al-Jazeera: Is Saddam Hussein one of them?

    Al-Asuquf: You could say that he%26#039;s just one of the collaborators,

    through Abdul Tawab Mullah Hawaish, his vice-prime minister and the

    person responsible for Iraq%26#039;s arms program.

    Al-Jazeera: Are these atomic bombs powerful ones?

    Al-Asuquf: The five Russian devices are from the old T-3 missiles,

    also known as RD-107s, and their potency is something around 100

    kilotons each, that is, 5 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb.

    The Pakistani bombs are less powerful, somewhere around 10 kilotons.

    This is new. My information, passed on three years ago, indicated

    only lower yield suitcase devices.

    Al-Jazeera: Can%26#039;t the bombs be detected and disarmed by American


    Al-Asuquf: No, in spite of their age they%26#039;ve undergone modernization

    and are well hidden. Even if they were found, they have auto

    detonation provisions should anything get close to them. Even

    electromagnetic pulses would be incapable of deactivating them.

    Al-Jazeera: Don%26#039;t they emit radiation? Can%26#039;t they be detected?

    Al-Asuquf: No. They are wrapped in thick leaden cases.

    Al-Jazeera: A suspected Pakistani ship was recently searched and all

    that was found were lead bars. Does this have anything to do with the


    Al-Asuquf: Yes, however that lead was just an extra layer, and was

    not essentially necessary.

    Al-Jazeera: How will the bombs be detonated?

    Al-Asuquf: There are numerous methods, a cell-phone call, radio

    frequency, seismic shocks or by timer.

    Al-Jazeera: Once detonated, how many deaths will be caused by these


    Al-Asuquf: It depends, since our plans are very malleable.

    Al-Jazeera: So what is the entire plan?

    Al-Asuquf: The beginning will be the detonation of a nuclear device,

    which will cause the death of between 800 thousand and one million

    people and create chaos on a scale never seen before. During this

    chaos, two or three crop sprayers that are now dismantled and stored

    in granaries [silos?] close to little-used highways in the

    countryside will take off on suicide missions to spray two or three

    large American cities with smallpox. That means that once the

    smallpox has been identified, all airports and seaports will be

    closed by quarantine. Land borders will likewise be shut down. Not

    one airplane, ship or vehicle will enter or leave the United States.

    This will cause total chaos. White House Press secretary Ari

    Fleischman will be very busy.

    Al-Jazeera: But the American government has guaranteed that within

    five days it could produce enough smallpox vaccine to inoculate the

    entire population.

    Al-Asuquf: There will be simultaneous suicide attacks against the

    vaccine production plants.

    Al-Jazeera: Which will be the first city?

    Al-Asuquf: The first city will be that in which optimal conditions

    present themselves, for example, clear skies, and winds of eight

    miles-per-hour or less in the direction of the country%26#039;s center so

    that radioactive dust can contaminate the maximum possible area.

    Al-Jazeera: Will this attack annihilate the USA?

    Al-Asuquf: No. But the process will have begun. Who will buy food

    products from the United States knowing they may have been

    contaminated by radiation? Who will travel to the United States

    knowing the possibility of contracting smallpox? Who will continue to

    invest in American institutions? Just as with the World Trade Center,

    it will be simply a question of time before the entire economic

    structure collapses and turns to dust. If our objectives are reached

    with one bomb and the smallpox, probably we%26#039;ll save the lives of

    others, however that%26#039;s risky [unlikely?], and it%26#039;s probable that six

    more bombs will be detonated, one per week, and other attacks with

    chemical weapons will be carried out.

    Al-Jazeera: How many innocent people will die?

    Al-Asuquf: According to estimates made by me and Ayman Al-Zawahiro,

    somewhere around 15 million due to the atomic bombs and their

    radiation. Of those exposed to smallpox, 25 percent will die,

    approximately five million, and many more due to the ensuing chaos

    and disorder.

    Al-Jazeera: What about the American military response?

    Al-Asuquf: There will practically be none. Even if five or ten cities

    were chosen at random to be destroyed, that would still be a small

    price to pay. The problem is the economic despair will be so great

    that even economizing by not using arms unnecessarily will occur,

    since the liquidity of American goods will be almost zero and at that

    point the United States will make more selling its Nimitz-class

    aircraft carriers, which cost about five billion dollars, to Turkey

    or Italy for one billion dollars, since the country will so urgently

    need to recapitalize, though it will be too late. Moreover, how will

    the morale of American soldiers be knowing that their entire families

    have died and their country no longer exists. Fight for what?

    Al-Jazeera: And won%26#039;t the global economy also be ruined?

    Al-Asuquf: In the beginning it will be very difficult; a serious

    economic crisis will ensue. However, without the United States, the

    world will soon arise in a more just and fraternal manner.

    Al-Jazeera: And Israel?

    Al-Asuquf: As they say... it will be dessert.

    Al-Jazeera: Does bin Laden%26#039;s spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Gheith, know

    that you are giving this interview?

    Al-Asuquf: It was he and bin Laden who suggested I give it.

    Al-Jazeera: Osama bin Laden is still alive?

    Al-Asuquf: He is quite healthy, alongside his commanders Mohammed

    Atef and Khalid Shaik Mohammed and Mullah Omar.

    Al-Jazeera: Aren%26#039;t you fearful that Al Queda%26#039;s plans will be


    No, just the link to the Illuminati.

    Al-Asuquf: The plan is already in its countdown, and nothing can stop


    Al-Jazeera: Not even if the United States asks forgiveness and

    changes its attitudes?

    Al-Asuquf: That won%26#039;t happen, and even if it did, it%26#039;s too late.

    Al-Jazeera: When will the attack begin?

    Al-Asuquf: I can%26#039;t reveal that. Allah Akbar.|||Nice propaganda piece, there. It has nothing to do with this forum, and really isn%26#039;t a question.

    Like Al jazeera is a reputable news agency, and not a mouthpiece for Islamofascism.

    I wonder why there are so many conspiracy theorists in this forum? It seems like all the Kool Aid drinkers flock to Yahoo.|||LMAO this is EXACTLY what i was thinking. Good going, you rock! I think there is alot of Loose Change here.

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    |||chapelite %26amp; many others on here with those hoods are.. kinda creepy i think. %26#039;laughs%26#039; satanists.. what%26#039;s the point? you guys did notice his %26#039;16 years, 16 years%26#039; bit, right ;)? so.. anyway - hows life? drop me a note - i%26#039;ve got questions. : ) like the koolaid junk - u referring to the syringe thing?

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    |||The hood is part of a monk%26#039;s robe. Because of my faith, some call me %26quot;Monk,%26quot; though I am Protestant.

    Re: Kool-Aid; Jim Jones%26#039; cult died drinking poisoned Kool-Aid.

    People who choose the %26quot;party-line%26quot; on anything are called Kool-Aid drinkers, a la Jim Jones, etc.

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    |||wow , pretty interesting topic , i am a canadien and i`m not that much of a fan of those american if you see what i mean , so i was wonder ,if this is all true , will it have a big impact on Canada you think ? I`d really like to receive an answer back pls

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    OK look man don%26#039;t worry about this kind of crap this **** is for th government, we should not even have the right to see this kinda thing becasue of ignoramuses like well yourself|||thanks for the 2 points,I have a nice suprise for anyone who wants to come to my doorstep and attack me,my family or property,I am sure I will go but not without a fight and I will take many with me,I am positive all brother Americans will do the same,USA#1|||My fear from this is immeasurable.

    ...come on, reptilians?|||LOL, what a joke. The reporter is asking the dude how much it costs and the guy answers him? and tells him EXACTLY the price and where the money is coming from?

    This interview must be a figment of some ones imagination.

    WE ARE NOT SCARED OF THEM!!!|||Reptilians? Are you kidding? Reptilians are controlling the world? What about the Aquatics, Arboreals, Avians, or Insectoids? Don%26#039;t they get to control the world too?

    Please seek help.|||Jesus Christ is in control of my destiny. Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I will fear no evil....|||First just hope its not true then second stock up on food and other need to have supplies.|||will the US be attacked like that in the future..maybe...maybe even likely but 2 things....1) if the towelheads had a nuke in the US right now most likely they wouldnt wait to detonate it...and for two 2) why would lord god king mohammad there be bragging about it? why not just do it? and the worlds economy would collapse also...not saying its not a possible scenario...the whole thing just sounds corny to me.